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   Results of study after study are showing the benefits of workplace fitness and wellness programs. What makes fit4corp different is its flexible design that allows your company to implement a program that is best suited given your situation, needs and budget. Fit4corp by implementing and maintaining a custom wellness and fitness program specifically tailored for every participant and employee. Fit4corp improves the bottom line for any business owner or top executive who believes in the physical and mental well-being of his or her employees, and increase productivity. The benefits of an on-site wellness program can reduce or in most cases eliminate chronic conditions such as, high blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes, lack of energy, chronic back pain, stress reduction, and body mass index. A wellness & fitness program can also increase stamina, motivation, cardiovascular health, and muscle tone, which in turn will greatly reduce your company's insurance premiums and sick days due to more productive lifestyle conditions.

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So, what's to be done? A good start is for employers to provide their employees with access to an integrated wellness program. It's a win-win for everyone! The return on the investment to employers is proven and employees benefit in so many ways because they feel the love ... and they get to enjoy actually being healthy!
That's where the Fit4Corp program comes in!

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Fit4corp has extensive experience helping thousands of people get healthy with more than diet and exercise alone. We get to know each and every client and take the time to learn what that individual needs to make a true lifestyle change. In many cases we have helped reduce, and in some cases reverse chronic conditions.

Our Fit4corp provides a customized program for each employee and includes:
*A complete profile and assessment
*On-site training program
*Biometric screening
*Stress management & chronic condition management
*Nutrition counseling & meal planning based on age, gender, weight, and current activity level
*Posture correction
*Core strengthening
*Training to increase energy level
*A weekly blog with health, nutrition, and motivation tips
*Online support
*Nicotine cessation



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